Shop the Instagram Show

How it works

@thebrimfieldshow is an online antique and vintage flea market on Instagram. You can shop all of our prior Instagram shows on our Instagram account, @thebrimfieldshow. Just look for the “Show Open” posts, enter by clicking the show gate links, and have fun!

On the hunt for something in particular? Americana, fine art, midcentury modern, vintage textiles, country antiques — we have participating dealers in every category.

If you’re reading this, you may not be sure how to shop our Instagram shows. It’s pretty much just like how the real Brimfield works, only the vintage magic happens here on @thebrimfieldshow virtual field on Instagram. It’s not the same as the real Brim we know and love, but @thebrimfieldshow connects buyers and sellers while keeping everyone safe. Once you get the hang of it, shopping @thebrimfieldshow is ultimately as simple as a few finger taps on your smartphone or tablet.


Click here for our show schedule.

Well before the shows open, you can check out and follow our antique and vintage dealers on Instagram! We list all of the exhibitors @thebrimfieldshow on the “Our Dealers” page of our website.


@thebrimfieldshow exhibitors post fresh, unique finds from their own accounts and customers purchase items directly from them — @thebrimfieldshow just provides the virtual field!

Each @thebrimfieldshow opens at 9:00 am EST sharp — make sure to set your phone and be the early bird!

Shopping a show is as easy as three steps:

  1. At the opening hour, visit the @thebrimfieldshow Instagram account and click on the “SHOW OPEN” post (if it hasn’t appeared yet, refresh your device).
  2. In the post caption, you’ll see a “Show Gate” link. Click it and you’ll be able to shop all the exhibitors’ posted items at once on Instagram.
  3. See a picture posted of something you like? Click on it and it will take you to the item description and the dealer who you can contact with questions or to purchase.

Exhibitors begin by posting a picture of their whole setup, followed by shots of individual items throughout the day. Keep on refreshing the feed and you’ll see new items added in real-time during the show! Be sure to click on the Show Gate link again at the end of the show to make sure you haven’t missed a treasure posted late in the day. On Instagram, remember to click “Recent” to see the latest items posted under the Show Gate Link!

Something catches your eye? Reach out to dealers directly by commenting, messaging, or calling them (you’ll find their preferred contact info on their Instagram profile as well as on our website).  You’ll finalize sales directly with dealers — making payment via Venmo, PayPal, or old-fashioned check or cash — and they’ll ship it to your doorstep. You’re not buying through a middleman who takes a cut of the sale like eBay or 1stdibs — 100% of the purchase price goes directly to our great antique and vintage dealers from around the country.

Remember, @thebrimfieldshow is just like at a real flea market: The early bird gets the worm! Make sure you’re first in line as our dealers post antiques and vintage items they’ve set aside for months. In addition, be aware that thousands of other buyers may be looking at the same post featuring an item simultaneously. It’s not uncommon for pieces @thebrimfieldshow to sell within seconds after being posted, so be ready to comment “SOLD!” to snag your treasure before another shopper scoops it up!⁠

If you’re new to @thebrimfieldshow and still a little confused as to how this all works, you can experience it right now by checking out a prior show. (Yep, you can still shop all of them!) Scroll way down on our Instagram feed and find one of our old “Show Open” posts. Click through the “Show Gate” link and take a look at what’s available for sale and follow our exhibitors!


Although @thebrimfieldshow has four curated shows catering to your specific interests, if you’d rather wander and discover unexpected treasures (as we do) check out all of the shows during the week and be sure to be first in line for the opening of our Pickers Show on Tuesday for fresh-to-market antiques and bargains of every shape, size, and category for as far as the eye can scroll.

And if you want even more to explore, just click the hashtag #thebrimfieldshow and you’ll see the virtual booths of every Brimfield dealer sharing their merchandise on Instagram (and which any antique or vintage dealer can post for free in their posts, whether or not they participate in one of our Instagram shows). The hashtag #thebrimfieldshow has become a gathering place for buyers and sellers. With over 10,000 posts under the hashtag, it’s become a great way to shop Instagram for antiques and vintage.

Follow @thebrimfieldshow on Instagram and Facebook to see what we’re cooking up for our next event.

Don’t have Instagram?
You’ll get the most access with an Instagram account, although you can still shop the shows via the links to Instagram posted on Facebook and our website. You may find it harder to interact with dealers outside of Instagram, however. For that reason, we have our exhibitors’ contact information available on our website if you’re having trouble getting in touch with a dealer about a purchase.

Shop like a pro

First rule of the flea market: If you like it, buy it. When the show opens, hundreds if not thousands of people will be looking at the same things you are, all at the same time. Don’t let a bargain get away: comment “Sold” or contact the buyer and pay quickly so the seller knows you’re serious.

Second rule of the flea market: Early bird gets the worm. Always get there for the opening bell, if not before.

Third rule of the flea market: Walk the field two, three, six times. Each @thebrimfieldshow dealer will post dozens of items throughout the day of the show and you’re bound to have missed something. Check in on their profiles throughout the day. Some of the greatest treasures surface only after most of the buyers have left the field for lunch.

Fourth rule of the flea market: If the price is fair, pay it. Everybody loves a bargain and there’s nothing wrong with haggling, but if you know it’s already a great deal, it’s good karma to pay the asking price. Plus, the dealer will appreciate it and may give you an even better deal the next time around. At the end of the day, Brimfield is about building relationships as much about buying great stuff — and the trade is especially hurting right now in these trying times. 

Fifth rule of the flea market: Buy what you like. Forget about what’s trendy or “valuable.” Buy what speaks to you.

Sixth rule of the flea market: Have fun. If you’re not, you’re not doing it right. Or you’ve forgotten your boots.