Shop the Instagram Show

Inspired by the real Brimfield Antique Flea Market in Massachusetts, @thebrimfieldshow is an online antique and vintage flea market on Instagram. Follow @thebrimfieldshow to shop antique and vintage dealers from around the country online, keep in the know about upcoming antique shows and auctions, and see the best of Brimfield.

You can shop the virtual antique flea market field anytime by searching for the hashtag #thebrimfieldshow! Click #thebrimfieldshow and you’ll see items available for sale from hundreds of dealers around the country sharing their merchandise on Instagram — an online marketplace in which any antique or vintage dealer can sell for free.

The hashtag #thebrimfieldshow has become a gathering place for buyers and sellers. With over 35,000 posts linked to the hashtag, it’s become a great way to shop Instagram for antiques and vintage. Follow the hashtag to see the new finds added daily by hundreds of antique and vintage dealers around the country. (Sort by “Most Recent” to see the latest items.)

When Brim was closed, we held virtual Instagram shows in real time. You can still shop all of them from your Instagram account. Just look for the “Show Open” posts, enter by clicking the show gate links, and have fun!

Shopping one of our prior Instagram show is as easy as three steps:

  1. Visit the @thebrimfieldshow Instagram account and click on the “SHOW OPEN” post.
  2. In the post caption, you’ll see a “Show Gate” link. Click it and you’ll be able to shop all the exhibitors’ posted items at once on Instagram.
  3. See a picture posted of something you like? Click on it and it will take you to the item description and the dealer who you can contact with questions or to purchase.

Follow @thebrimfieldshow on Instagram and Facebook to see what we’re cooking up next.