Our Dealers

Have a look at the Instagram accounts and online stores of all of our great dealers. Whether or not #thebrimfieldshow is on, shop their collections at the links provided below along with their contact information.

3 Grannie Squares
Contact: Stacey Newton
Hometown Belmont CA Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @3granniesquares
A.T. Roche’s
Contact: Al & Tenny Roche
Hometown Canton TX Phone: 719-337-6909 Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @tennyroche
All my Favorite Things
Contact: Melanie Corson
Hometown Portland OR Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @allmyfavoritethings_vintage
Anastasia Star Closet
Contact: Adreana Porteur
Hometown Bellows Falls VT Phone: 802-380-1629 Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @anasclosetfullofcolor
Andrew Spindler Antiques & Design
Contact: Andrew Spindler
Hometown Essex MA Phone: 978-768-6045 Website: www.www.spindlerantiques.com/ Show: The E-Tent Show Instagram: @andrewspindler_
Antique Fan Supply Co.
Contact: Chad Baker
Hometown Hickory NC Phone: 828-302-7787 Website: www.antiquefanparts.com Show: Modern / Timeless Instagram: @antiquefanparts
Art n Vintage by Design
Contact: Judy Colucci
Hometown Staten Island NY Website: www.etsy.com/shop/Artnvintagebydesign Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @artnvintagebydesign
Auerbach and Maffia
Contact: Howard Auerbach
Hometown Montgomeryville PA Website: www.auerbachmaffia.com Show: Vintage Clothing & Antique Textile Show Instagram: @auerbachmaffia
B7BeVintage Menagerie
Contact: Brittany Anne
Hometown Grafton NH Show: Americana Show Instagram: @b7bevintagemenagerie
Bee & Mason
Contact: Francisca Wolters
Hometown Portland OR Website: www.etsy.com/shop/beeandmason Show: Vintage Clothing & Antique Textile Show Instagram: @beeandmason
Blue Caboose Station
Contact: Kaye Sherwood
Hometown Belchertown MA Website: www.bluecaboosestation.com Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @bluecaboosestation
Blue Dog Antiques
Contact: Judi Stellmach
Hometown Stafford Springs CT Phone: 860-458-9038 Website: www.bluedogantiques.com Show: Americana Show Instagram: @bluedogantiques
Boris and Botanicus
Contact: Mike Benavidez
Hometown New York NY Phone: 917-699-4513 Website: www.etsy.com/shop/BORISandBOTANICUS Show: Modern / Timeless Instagram: @thecarefulcurator
Butternut Farm Antiques
Contact: Kathleen Roszell
Hometown West Barnstable MA Phone: 508-873-7243 Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @butternutfarmantiques
Cabaret Antiques
Contact: Justine Demetrick
Hometown Peace Dale RI Phone: 4019320642 Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @cabaretantiques
Candler Arts
Contact: Kevin Duffy
Hometown Atlanta GA Phone: 404-217-1150 Website: www.candlerarts.com Show: Modern / Timeless Instagram: @candlerarts
Cape Cod Kim
Contact: Kimberlee Poosikian
Hometown Orleans MA Phone: 508-237-6033 Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @toodaystreasures
Cavern View Antiques
Contact: Jim & Mara Kerr
Hometown Howes Cave NY Website: www.cavernviewantiques.com Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @whiteironstoneforsale
Contact: Lisa Renae Jennings
Hometown Virginia Beach VA Website: www.chezverte1.etsy.com Show: Vintage Clothing & Antique Textile Show Instagram: @chezverte
Cindy’s Antique Quilts
Contact: Cindy Rennels
Hometown Clinton OK Phone: 580-309-2952 Website: www.cindysantiquequilts.com Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @cindysantiquequilts
Claudia Barber: Antique & Vintage French Textiles
Contact: Claudia Barber
Hometown Charlotte VT Website: www.claudiabarber.com Show: Vintage Clothing & Antique Textile Show Instagram: @claudiabarber_french_textile_
Contact: David Ronka
Hometown Portsmouth NH Phone: 603-498-3584 Website: www.closetteboutique.com/ Show: Vintage Clothing & Antique Textile Show Instagram: @closetteboutique
Connor Grosh
Contact: Connor Grosh
Hometown Denver CO Show: Americana Show Instagram: @wishwithme
County Seat Antiques
Contact: Jeff Pudlinski
Hometown Litchfield CT Phone: 860-307-9665 Show: Americana Show Instagram: @county_seat_antiques
Critical Eye
Contact: Kate Hackman
Hometown Ipswich MA Website: www.criticaleyefinds.com Show: Modern / Timeless Instagram: @criticaleyefinds
Curiosity Antiques
Contact: Joel White
Hometown Waldoboro ME Website: www.curiosityantiques.etsy.com Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @curiosity_antiques
David Smernoff: Traditional and Contemporary Art
Contact: David Smernoff
Hometown New Haven CT Website: www.davidsmernoff.com/ Show: The E-Tent Show Instagram: @davidbsmernoff
Doc’s Curious Goods
Contact: Dan & Ali Manning
Hometown Tarrytown NY Phone: 914-661-2875 Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @docscuriousgoods
Dorothea’s Closet Vintage
Contact: Angela Petraline
Hometown Des Moines IA Phone: 515-991-3516 Website: www.dorotheas-closet-vintage.myshopify.com/ Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @dorotheasclosetvintage
Erin Waters Fine Photographs
Contact: Erin Waters
Hometown Exeter NH Phone: 603-502-1700 Website: www.finedags.com Show: Americana Show Instagram: @efotographiya
Evan Grant
Contact: Evan Grant
Show: Americana Show Instagram: @evangmgrant
Fabled Relic
Contact: Anthony Clarizio
Hometown Brooklyn NY Phone: 917-620-8512 Website: www.fabledrelic.com/ Show: Modern / Timeless Instagram: @fabledrelic
Farrin’s Antiques
Contact: Josh Farrin
Hometown Wales ME Phone: 207-431-7682 Show: Americana Show Instagram: @farrinsantiques
Father Wolf Antiques
Contact: Matthew Bridges
Hometown Indianapolis IN Website: www.fatherwolfantiques.com Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @fatherwolfantiques
Fiona’s Revival
Contact: Michelle McHale
Hometown Philadelphia PA Phone: 203-770-9665/215-592-8972 Website: www.fionasrevival.com Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @fionasrevival
Full Moon Barn Antiques
Contact: Jim Calison
Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @fullmoon_barntiques
Gemini Twice Treasured
Contact: Allison Papa
Hometown Narragansett RI Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @gemini2treasured
Gizmo and Hooha
Contact: Martha Borchardt
Hometown Cashton WI Website: www.gizmoandhooha.com Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @gizmoandhooha
Greg Smith Stuff
Contact: Greg Smith
Hometown Newtown CT Phone: 203-297-3059 Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @gregsmithstuff
Halfpond Antiques
Contact: Marna Waskin
Hometown Acton ME Show: Americana Show Instagram: @marnawaskin
Heller Washam Antiques
Contact: Donald / Kimberly Heller / Washam
Hometown Portland ME Phone: 917-592-5699 / 917-297-8288 Show: Americana Show Instagram: @hellerwashamantiques
Horsefeathers Antiques
Contact: Steve & Judy Ball
Hometown Shawnee Mission KS Phone: 913-530-1628 Website: www.horsefeathersantiques.com Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @horsefeatherskc
House of Mirth Photos
Contact: Stacy Waldman
Hometown Easthampton MA Phone: 413-320-3830 Website: www.houseofmirthphotos.com Show: Americana Show Instagram: @houseofmirthphotos
IMJM Antiques & Vintage Couture
Contact: Isaac Gogerman
Hometown East Brunswick NJ Phone: 917-640-1836 Show: Vintage Clothing & Antique Textile Show Instagram: @imjm__couture
Industrial Evolution Design
Contact: Michael Tankersley
Hometown Hamilton OH Phone: 513-571-2742 Website: www.industrialevodesign.com Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @industrialevodesign
Ira Wheat
Contact: Dayne Altemose
Hometown Bangor PA Phone: 484-894-5667 Website: www.etsy.com/shop/IraWheat Show: Americana Show Instagram: @irawheatcompany
Janet West
Contact: Janet West
Hometown White Plains NY Show: Americana Show Instagram: @killingsistergeorge
Jon Rider Antiques
Contact: Jon Rider
Hometown Essex MA Phone: 978-771-8466 Show: The E-Tent Show Instagram: @jonriderart
Joseph Joseph & Joseph
Contact: Phyllis Joseph
Hometown Charlottesville VA Phone: 434-825-5516 Website: www.josephjosephjoseph.com Show: The E-Tent Show Instagram: @josephjosephjosephantiques
Joshua Lowenfels Works of Art
Contact: Josh Lowenfels
Hometown New York NY Phone: 914-715-1061 Show: Modern / Timeless Instagram: @ployaarrtt
Katy Kane Vintage & Couture
Contact: Katy Kane
Hometown New Hope PA Phone: 215-862-9091 Website: www.katykane.com Show: Vintage Clothing & Antique Textile Show Instagram: @katykanevintagecouture
Kenny Ball Antiques
Contact: Kenny Ball
Hometown Charlottesville VA Phone: 434-531-2270 Website: www.kennyballantiques.com Show: The E-Tent Show Instagram: @kennyballantiques
Kirk Albert
Contact: Kirk Albert
Hometown Seattle WA Phone: 206-762-3899 Website: www.kirkalbert.com Show: The E-Tent Show Instagram: @kirkalbertvf
Lofty Vintage
Contact: Andrea Hall Levy
Hometown Bronx NY Phone: 646-705-6465 Website: www.loftyvintage.com/ Show: Vintage Clothing & Antique Textile Show Instagram: @loftyvintage
Lou Black
Contact: Louis Langhauser
Hometown Hebron ME Phone: 207-595-2643 Show: Modern / Timeless Instagram: @loublack6
Maria Andreou
Contact: Maria Andreou
Hometown Fort Lee NJ Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @simplepastnj
Maria Niforos
Contact: Maria Niforos
Hometown Irvington NY Phone: 914-674-0194 Website: www.stellaniforos.com Website: www.marianiforos.com Show: Vintage Clothing & Antique Textile Show Instagram: @marianiforos
Mario Pollo Antiques
Contact: Mario Pollo
Hometown Holliston MA Phone: 914-954-1341 Website: www.mariopollo.com Show: The E-Tent Show Instagram: @mariopolloantiques
Martin Sickler
Contact: Martin Sickler
Hometown Methuen MA Phone: 857-498-0958 Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @martin.sickler
Matt Greig Antiques
Contact: Matt Greig
Hometown Milton DE Phone: 717-818-7262 Website: www.mattgreigantiques.com Show: Americana Show Instagram: @mattgreigantiques
MGH Discovered Art
Contact: Michele Hembree
Hometown New York NY Phone: 510-541-4497 Website: www.mghnyc.com Show: Modern / Timeless Instagram: @mgh.discovered.art
Michael L Goyda
Contact: Michael Goyda
Hometown East Petersburg PA 17520 Phone: 717-823-7564 Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @grancor
Contact: Victoria Yorke
Hometown Sparrowbush NY Phone: 845-283-9759 Website: http://www.etsy.com/shop/missionmod Show: Vintage Clothing & Antique Textile Show Instagram: @missionmod
Montage Antiques
Contact: Dana Jennings-Rohn
Hometown Salisbury CT Phone: 860-485-3887 Website: www.montageantiques.com Show: The E-Tent Show Instagram: @montageantiques
Moon Hex Vintage
Contact: Nicole Miller
Hometown Worcester MA Website: www.moonhexvintage.com Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @moonhexvintage
More & More Antiques
Contact: Steven Mohr
Hometown Slingerlands NY Phone: 917-748-5370 Show: E-Tent Show Instagram: @moreandmorenyc
Msealie’s French Flair Ferme
Contact: Mary Homer
Hometown Franklin Park NJ Phone: 908-420-6394 Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/frenchflairferme Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @ms_sealie
Natalie M. Curley
Contact: Natalie Curley
Hometown Irwin PA Website: www.nataliemcurley.com Show: Americana Show Instagram: @curleysden
Nick Haus
Contact: Nick Heywood
Hometown Warren RI Phone: 401-903-2005 Website: www.nickhaus.com Show: Modern / Timeless Instagram: @nickhausshop
Contact: Avi Kovacevich
Hometown Queens NY Phone: 7742710794 Website: www.non-house.com Show: Modern / Timeless Instagram: @holemilk
Old as Adam
Contact: Adam Irish
Hometown Providence RI Phone: 603-661-9373 Website: www.oldasadam.com Show: Americana Show Instagram: @oldasadam
Old-School Antiques
Contact: Jake Elwell
Hometown Stamford CT Phone: 203-219-8451 Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @oldschool.antiques
Patrick Bulla Mod Art
Contact: Patrick Bulla
Hometown Nyack NY Show: Modern / Timeless Instagram: @patrickbullamodart
Perim Lang Antiques
Contact: Thomas Lang
Hometown Essex MA Phone: 978-335-0477 Website: www.perimlang.com Show: The E-Tent Show Instagram: @perimlangantiques
Philippa Katz Antique Prints & Maps
Contact: Philippa Katz
Hometown Granville NY Phone: 802-236-1143 Website: www.philippakatz.com Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @philippakatz
Phineas Street Vintage
Contact: Caroline Wilder
Hometown Andover MA Website: www.phineasstreet.com Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @phineasstreetvintage
Pine Point Vintage
Contact: Jill Burgess
Hometown Scarborough ME Phone: 207-730-2356 Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @pinepointvintage
Contact: Jude Seyk
Hometown La Honda CA Phone: 650-400-1926 Website: www.vintagecollectionestatesales.com Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @vincollect
Recovered Relics
Contact: Matthew Billings
Hometown Hartford CT Phone: 501-464-1511 Website: www.etsy.com/shop/recoveredrelics Show: Modern / Timeless Instagram: @recovered_relics
Redbridge Antiques
Contact: Richard Kahan
Hometown Providence RI Phone: 508-212-2063 Show: Picker’s Show Website: @redbridgeantiques
Roses & Rue Antiques
Contact: Kate Kierstead
Hometown Somerville MA Website: www.rosesandrueantiques.com Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @rosesandrueantiques
Round Top Antique Auction
Contact: Danny Tytenicz
Hometown Round Top TX Website: www.roundtopantiqueauction.com Show: Picker’s Show Instagram: @roundtopantiqueauction
Salt under a Rock
Contact: Naowna Simon
Contact: John Zannini
Hometown Vineyard Haven MA Show: Vintage Clothing & Antique Textile Show Instagram: @saltmv
Scott Bassoff, Sandy Jacobs Antiques
Contact: Sandy Jacobs
Hometown Swampscott MA Phone: 603-801-5532 Website: www.scottbassoffsandyjacobsantiques.com Show: The E-Tent Show Instagram: @sandyjnh1
Sebago Lake Trading Company
Contact: Jennifer Pride Collins
Hometown Standish ME Website: www.sebagolaketradingcompany.com Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @sebagolaketradingco
Silver Hippopotamus Industrial/Modern Furniture & Artifacts
Contact: Beth Melfi
Hometown Swansea MA Phone: 401-258-2745 Website: www.silverhippopotamus.com Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @silver_hippopotamus
Sisters Vintage
Contact: Danielle Coleman
Hometown Round Lake NY Website: www.sistersvintage.shop/ Show: Vintage Clothing & Antique Textile Show Instagram: @_sistersvintage_
South Road Art and Antiques
Contact: Susan Wechsler
Hometown Stanfordville NY Phone: 917-903-8077 Website: www.southroadantiques.com Show: Americana Show Instagram: @southroadantiques
Stephanie Pernice Vintage
Contact: Stephanie Pernice
Hometown Lynnfield MA Phone: 617-921-4773 Website: www.sowavintagemkt.com Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @stephanie.pernice
Steven F. Still Antiques
Contact: Steven Still
Hometown Manheim PA Phone: 717-682-0410 Website: www.stevenfstillantiques.com Website: Americana Show Instagram: @stevenfstill
Steven S. Powers
Contact: Steven Powers
Hometown Brooklyn NY Phone: 917-518-0809 Website: www.stevenspowers.com Show: Americana Show Instagram: @stevenspowers
Stone Block Antiques
Contact: Greg Hamilton
Hometown Vergennes VT Phone: 802-989-1159 Website: www.stoneblockartandantiques.com Show: The E-Tent Show Instagram: @stoneblockantiques
Susan Wheeler Home
Contact: Susan Wheeler
Hometown Seattle WA Phone: 360-402-5080 Website: www.Susanwheelerhome.com Show: The E-Tent Show Instagram: @susanwheelerhome
Sweet Petunia Vintage
Contact: Jenna Spear
Hometown Wiscasset ME Website: www.etsy.com/shop/sweetpetuniavintage Show: Picker’s Show Instagram: @sweetpetuniavintage
Tenille Martin
Contact: Tenille Martin
Hometown Preston CT Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @mystique_vintage_treasures
The Art of Antiquing
Contact: Margaret Brown
Hometown New Harbor ME Phone: 207-529-5300 Website: www.theartofantiquing.com Show: The E-Tent Show Instagram: @theartofantiquing
The Pink Attic Cat LLC
Contact: Amy Kozdron
Hometown Littleton CO Phone: 720-939-7802 Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @pinkatticcat
The Quince and Quail
Contact: Anthony Adamsky
Hometown Ashland NH Website: www.thequinceandquail.com Show: Vintage Clothing & Antique Textile Show Instagram: @thequinceandquail
Then & Now
Contact: Joe Bartoldus
Hometown Hawthorne NJ Phone: 201-445-2447 Website: www.thenandnowclassics.com Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @thenandnowconsignmentshop
Touch of Grey Inc.
Contact: Scott Hay
Hometown South Portland ME Phone: 207-380-5631 Show: The E-Tent Show Instagram: @scotthay65_touchofgreyinc
Trailer Park Flamingo
Contact: Steve Hull
Trappings of Time
Contact: Katherine Manzini
Hometown Fremont CA Phone: 650-714-4552 Website: www.trappingsoftime.net Show: Vintage Clothing & Antique Textile Show Instagram: @fudogsanfrancisco
Contact: Matthew & Helen Robinson
Hometown Wiscasset ME Phone: 207-552-5559 Show: The E-Tent Show Instagram: @triflesmatthewhelen
VB Vintage
Contact: Carrie Williams
Hometown Virginia Beach VA Phone: 757-472-4144 Website: www.vbvintage.etsy.com/ Show: Vintage Clothing & Antique Textile Show Instagram: @vbvintage
View Antiques
Contact: Joe Sabol
Hometown Lancaster PA Phone: 717-725-2826 Show: Americana Show Instagram: @viewantiques
Vintage Arcana
Contact: Sunny Chapman
Hometown Hancock NY Phone: 917-721-3365 Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @vintagearcana
Vintage Picks by Jen
Contact: Jen Clifford
Hometown Barnstable MA Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @vintagepicksbyjen
Contact: Wendy Ohlsen
Hometown Coventry RI Phone: 954-864-4626 Website: www.etsy.me/2lLPiAI Show: Pickers Show Instagram: @vintagetreasurestwo
William Kelly Antiques
Contact: Bill Kelly
Hometown Limington ME Phone: 207-838-2849 Show: Americana Show Instagram: @billkelly0419
Wintergarden Farm Antiques
Contact: Frank Kapsia
Hometown Monson MA Phone: 413-539-1472 Show: Americana Show Instagram: @frankkapsia
Wish List Vintage Apparel
Contact: Gretchen Gold
Zachary Miller Antiques
Contact: Zachary Miller
Hometown Bella Vista AR Phone: 479-986-8376 Website: www.zacharymillerantiques.com Show: Americana Show Instagram: @zacharymillerantiques

And counting…