Marketing Stats

As show promoters, we take our obligations to dealers seriously. That’s why we spend so much time and effort finding creative ways to advertise our shows — and we invest thousands of dollars to direct customers to our exhibitors.

To give you an idea of how we did in May 2020 @thebrimfieldshow, we ran the numbers. We spent over $4,500 on targeted advertising across multiple platforms and compiled the following stats from numbers provided by Instagram, Facebook, and Google Ads.

  • Instagram Ads, Posts & Stories (April 10 to June 8)
    • 2.8 million total impressions (an impression is defined as an instance when a user saw one of our advertisements or stories in their feed)
    • @thebrimfieldshow saw 200,000 to 300,000 total impressions per day during the week of the show
    • On average, each of our posts reached 19,145 users
    • @thebrimfieldshow account grew from zero followers on April 10 to 14,100 by May 20, a 32,000% growth rate
  • Facebook Ads & Posts (May 11 to June 8)
    • 331,000 user reach
    • 18,100 engagements (an engagement is a like, comment, or share)
    • 11,300 link clicks
  • Google Ads (May 6 to May 16)
    • 4,109 impressions
    • 1,318 clicks to
  • Full-Page Ads in Antiques & The Arts (three consecutive weeks preceding the show)
    • Reached thousands of readers

This aggressive advertising campaign produced real results.

One dealer made 30 sales, including high-priced items. Another sold 75% of what she posted during her show. Based on talking with our dealers, we believe our 100 exhibitors in May 2020 collectively grossed $250,000 to $300,000 in estimated sales — with some individuals eclipsing $10,000 in sales — and this at a time when the economy is hurting.

What’s more, dealers gained Instagram followers — i.e. potential future customers — with some gaining as much as 800 or more and others seeing their numbers grow as much as 300%.

This next show, we have new marketing ideas and plan to invest even more.

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