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February 18-21, 2021

Please be aware that space is limited and dealers who sign on several weeks in advance of the show benefit from increased exposure and advertising.

Winter @thebrimfieldshow is a shorter, smaller event than our usual Instagram week-long events. Details to come.

If you’re new to @thebrimfieldshow and this doesn’t make much sense, please read on for general information (just disregard details on typical Brimfield Week events).

***Please Note: Applications are processed ASAP, so if you don’t receive anything from us immediately, don’t worry! You’ll hear from us within 24-48 hours!***

Are you an antique or vintage dealer? Would you like to be featured in our upcoming shows? Learn more about how it get involved below.

We’re antique dealers ourselves and came up with @thebrimfieldshow to create a selling opportunity at a time when COVID-19 threatens the health of our businesses and even the trade itself. It’s not the same as the Brimfield we all love, but #thebrimfieldshow provides an opportunity to reach customers old and new, grow our businesses, and bring in sales as we try to get through this difficult period.

It’s a grim time. Some might even say it’s not appropriate to think of collecting or selling right now. As dealers, however, the trade does so much more than put bread on the table. For us, we’re in it because it’s our passion. We love being part of the rich community that makes an event like Brimfield so special. It’s more important now than ever that we take joy in what we do and share it with others, providing both dealers and collectors alike a needed respite from the news and some hope for better days ahead.

Every dealer can sell at #thebrimfieldshow — whether you sign up as an exhibitor with us or not. Learn more below about joining @thebrimfieldshow as an exhibitor by reading on or sign up here.

How it works

It’s kind of like the real Brimfield. You have complete control over your business. You handle the sales directly with customers and arrange for shipping or pickup. @thebrimfieldshow is the virtual field and show promoter — we’re here to bring the customers to you.

The action goes down on Instagram and you’ll need an account to participate (don’t worry if you don’t have one yet — it’s easy to use and we can even help you set it up).

Here’s what the schedule looks like: we have online antique shows on Instagram lined up for every day of Brimfield Week, each one with a different flavor: flea market finds, decorative arts, modern design, art, vintage clothing, and more.

Spaced out over the week, our curated shows feature a limited number of quality dealers. Just like an in-person antique show, each is scheduled to open on a particular date and time.

To get ahold of the customers, we go all-out on advertising, investing thousands of dollars in a marketing campaign including social media, print, and search-term ads. Our proven strategy not only attracts a targeted audience of buyers ready to shop our shows, it also sends business directly to our exhibitors through their Instagram accounts.

Prior to each show, we spotlight the businesses and merchandise of our exhibitors on Instagram, Facebook, and our website. Dealers benefit from posts and stories featuring their items, which reach the over 14,000 prospective customers who follow @thebrimfieldshow.

When it’s show day, @thebrimfieldshow opens an exclusive virtual field for participating dealers (you’ll learn how it works when you sign up with us). Exhibitors start “setting up” by posting pictures of their items in real-time at the opening. Each dealer posts a picture of their whole booth, followed by shots of individual items, sharing descriptions, prices, and so on as you prefer. If you’re an exhibitor, buyers click on your Instagram handle (which we’ve already shared in our Instagram and Facebook posts and on our website) to see your merchandise.

If a buyer is interested, he or she reaches out to you directly by commenting, messaging, or calling (you’ll share your preferred contact method on your Instagram profile which we’ll also add to our website).  Exhibitors finalize the sale directly with the customer — via Venmo, PayPal, or old-fashioned check or cash — and then ship it to their doorstep.

In short, if you sign up with @thebrimfieldshow, we’ll feature you and your goods front and center on all of our platforms — Instagram, Facebook, and our website — and drive customer traffic right to your business. @thebrimfieldshow is designed by dealers, for dealers. It’s an advertising platform, not a middleman who takes a cut of the sale like eBay or 1stdibs: 100% of the purchase price goes directly to our great antique and vintage dealers from around the country and they’re in complete control of their businesses. It’s pretty much just like how the real Brimfield works, only the vintage magic happens here on @thebrimfieldshow virtual field, connecting buyers and sellers while keeping everyone safe.

Do you have a speciality and want to reach the right buyers? Americana, fine art, midcentury modern, vintage textiles, country antiques — we’ll link you directly to the customers interested in your category. We’ll also find a spot for you in our line up of curated shows every day of Brimfield week tailored to customer interests, with click-through hashtag categories to help buyers find the dealers who have the goods.

But we want to surprise customers, too, and keep that Brimfield magic. If they’d rather wander and discover unexpected treasures (as we do) they can check out all of the shows during the week. Our headline “Pickers Show” opening on Tuesday is a great place for generalist and specialist dealers alike to set up with fresh-to-market antiques of all kinds.

We love Brimfield and @thebrimfieldshow will never replace the real deal. What we’re trying to do in our small way is to keep the antique trade healthy and strong when dealers like us need opportunities to sell. We hope that when Brimfield does reopen, we’ll have helped make it an even more popular destination for buyers and sellers.

Become a seller @thebrimfieldshow

To sign up for @thebrimfieldshow, select one of the three levels of participation that works best for you: Listed Dealer, Featured Dealer, or Select Dealer. These are described in detail below, but here’s the quick version: Listed Dealers are in on the action and get their goods in front of thousands of customers, while Featured and Select Dealers also benefit from extra advertising for their businesses and merchandise on @thebrimfieldshow account, with their posts and items marketed directly to our 14,000 followers. Choosing the Featured or Select options are a great way to increase your sales, gain followers, and develop your customer base on Instagram.

Here are the options:

Listed Dealer — $65

  • @thebrimfieldshow promotes Listed Dealers with advertising reaching thousands of Instagram users.*
  • We’ll share at least one of your posts during the show on our stories and will add it to the show’s highlights on our profile
  • We’ll post links to your account on our Instagram and Facebook pages (@thebrimfieldshow) to make your business a click away from customers during the show.
  • You’ll have a customizable dealer profile listing on which will include your name, contact information, social media links, and website.
  • Listed Dealers may only participate in The Pickers Show.

Featured Dealer — $125

  • @thebrimfieldshow promotes each Featured Dealer with advertising reaching an average of 20,000+ Instagram users.*
  • We’ll feature you and you and your business on Instagram and Facebook in at least one dedicated post. It will include your Instagram handle as well as a photo of your merchandise so buyers can easily find and follow you as well as shop your Instagram account.
  • We’ll share at least one of your posts during the show on our stories.
  • We’ll post links to your account on our Instagram and Facebook pages (@thebrimfieldshow) to make your business a click away from customers during the show.
  • You’ll have a customizable dealer profile listing on which will include your name, contact information, social media links, and website.
  • Featured Dealers may sell in The Vintage Clothing & Antique Textiles Show, The Pickers Show, The Americana Show, or Modern / Timeless.

Select Dealer — $245

All of the perks listed above, plus:

  • @thebrimfieldshow promotes each Featured Dealer with advertising reaching an average of 60,000+ Instagram users.*
  • We’ll spotlight you and your business at least three times before and during Brimfield Week with prominent posts and stories on @thebrimfieldshieldshow account.
  • Each post featuring your business and merchandise will appear on all of our platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and, all of which will link back to your account.
  • For the duration of your selected show, we’ll highlight your booth and items with story reposts. 
  • In short, Select Dealers benefit from front-and-center advertising on @thebrimfieldshow account. With their posts shared with our 14,000 followers, Select Dealers readily sell items, gain followers, and establish a long-term customer base on Instagram.
  • Select Dealers are eligible to sell in any of the week’s shows, including Art / Design / Eclectic, a high-end design and decorative arts-oriented show (scroll down for details).

*Click here to see our marketing stats from @thebrimfieldshow in May 2020.

Instagram User — Free!

If you can’t afford to sign up as a featured dealer at this difficult time, you can (and should!) still take part in the show. Simply post pictures of your virtual booth and merchandise during Brimfield Week with the hashtag #thebrimfieldshow. Hundreds if not thousands of buyers already follow and shop the hashtag — even when the show isn’t on!

Using the hashtag alone, you won’t be able to connect directly to the marketplace of shows we’ve created, but customers will still be able to find you if they search for the #thebrimfieldshow while scrolling through the posts of others.

Dealers who sign up make it possible to have a market for everyone and take the stage on the @thebrimfieldshow Instagram account in front of an audience of over 14,000 followers. As a participating dealer, you’ll see your business and wares advertised in the Instagram feeds of thousands of potential buyers from around the world. You’ll benefit from the fast-paced excitement and cross-pollination in our Instagram shows, when @thebrimfieldshow will post photos of your items and share links to your business, making a sale — and potentially a lasting customer — only a click away.

It’s a tough time for every dealer and we’d love to have you sell with us even if it’s not within your financial reach to be part of one of our shows (described below). We’re all in this together and hope #thebrimfieldshow will become a great selling opportunity for everyone.

Show Schedule

Here’s the show schedule during @thebrimfieldshow Week with dealer-level eligibility. Please indicate your preference on your application.

  • Monday — Vintage Clothing & Antique Textile Show
    • Vintage and antique women’s and men’s clothing, fabrics, and textiles
    • Open to Featured & Select Dealers
  • Tuesday — The Pickers Show
    • Just like the real Brim, this show brings all kinds of dealers together, featuring everything from estate cleanouts to high-end antiques
    • Open to Listed, Featured, & Select Dealers
  • Wednesday — Art / Design / Eclectic
    • See the description below
    • Open to Select Dealers
  • Thursday — The Americana Show
    • Folk art, country antiques, signs and advertising, ephemera, photography, and much more
    • Open to Featured & Select Dealers
  • Friday — Modern / Timeless
    • Design-focused, featuring modern design but also timeless pieces of every era
    • Open to Featured & Select Dealers

Art / Design / Eclectic

Featuring fine antiques, decorative arts, and modern design, Art / Design / Eclectic includes professional dealers selling extraordinary objects.

Advertising for Art / Design / Eclectic targets a sophisticated audience of serious buyers and a design-oriented clientele who are out to find the best @thebrimfieldshow has to offer without clicking through hundreds of posts. 

Please indicate in your application if you are interested in joining Art / Design / Eclectic, but note space is limited and the show is only open to Select Dealers by invitation of the show committee.

Show Placement

When you fill out your application, let us know which level you’d like to go with and which show you think would be the best fit for your merchandise. To keep things simple on our end, dealers may only participate in one show. 

With the intention to get you situated where you’ll sell the best, we’ll work with you to get you in the show which matches your preference, but please be aware we’re not always able to place everyone in their top choice


Sign up here. Or read on to learn more and get answers to common questions.

***Please Note: Applications are processed once per day, so if you don’t receive anything from us immediately, don’t worry! You’ll hear from us within 24 hours!***

How to get ready for showtime.

We’ve come close to replicating the Brim experience in some ways, but selling on social media is not the same as selling on a field. Users navigate Instagram and the internet in a very different way than our customers do at Brimfield, and so we need to change our setup to suit buyers who often have short attention spans and who will be checking our booths while on their smartphones.

Less is more. Try to limit yourself to two or three folding tables and maybe a half-dozen large items. Or, if you deal in larger items like furniture or signs, make it two to three dozen pieces at most. If you deal in jewelry or smalls, keep it to just a few display cases. If you sell textiles, maybe limit it just a couple racks of clothing or a few tables. In any case, because of the format, it’s a good idea to have less than fifty to a hundred items, and better still to stick to just a few dozen items (though of course it’s dependent on what kind of things you sell). Ideally, from seeing your first picture alone, a customer would be able to see everything you’ve got for sale and will be able to start making purchase inquiries immediately.

Create a “photo booth.” Find a place to photograph your @thebrimfieldshow merch apart from the rest of your inventory. You can do so and photograph your items days or even weeks in advance of your show. Try to make it look like you just set up at a real antique show or flea market!

We strongly encourage our exhibitors to make their booths look and feel as they would at the real Brimfield. Set up outside if you can, maybe in your backyard, a nearby field, your driveway, or in front of your store. Realistic outdoor booths may seem silly given it’s an online show, but seriously, customers love it. It makes buyers feel like they’re actually on the fields and creates the sense of immediacy and urgency that makes @thebrimfieldshow so much fun to shop.

We highlight dealers who go for realistic booths with extra posts featuring them on the @thebrimfieldshow Instagram account. Plus, the most authentic Brim-style booth gets to sell at the show for free — we announce the winner at the end of the show and refund their exhibitor fee!

Setting up outside can be hard for some people, though, so don’t worry about it if it’s too difficult! Maybe stick indoors and set up in a corner of your store or living room. However you present your inventory, just remember you want buyers to identify what’s for sale easily and quickly. @thebrimfieldshow exists to get your business in the spotlight, but try not to overshare with pictures of your entire store, warehouse, barn, or basement — otherwise customers will be overwhelmed and confused. Limiting the number of items available for sale and presenting them together will command the attention of buyers and make the show a success.

Keep your presentation simple. So many of you have beautiful booths at Brim and you’re welcome to replicate your signature look if you like. But honestly, “quick and dirty” is part of Brimfield’s democratic appeal, with dealers at every level displaying their merch on the same plastic folding tables, whether items are priced at $5 or $50,000. Just remember your photos don’t have to be perfect — in fact, we strongly discourage using photoshopped images, especially those with whited-out backgrounds. Make your merch look good, but customers like that sense of raw, unfiltered discovery at Brimfield and it’s important to replicate that as far as is possible.

Get your preferred contact method out there. Get ready for @thebrimfieldshow by providing your contact information on your Instagram profile and in each of your posts. Do you want to receive phone calls or texts? (We recommend it, so customers can reach you quickly.) Or would you prefer Instagram messages, comments in your posts, or emails? Indicate how you’d like to be contacted clear in both your profile and in each of your posts if you’d like. Just remember, at showtime, you’ll be fielding lots of questions and offers from buyers just as you would on the field.

Decide on what payment methods you’d like to take. Do you use services like Venmo, PayPal, or Square? Are you taking credit cards over the phone? Will you email invoices to buyers? Will you accept mailed checks? Will you take cash on pickup? It’s entirely up to you, just have your options ready in advance and plan to include them in your posts. Make the sale in whatever way you’re comfortable with and find most convenient. And if you haven’t used online payment platforms much before, we can help you get started there, too. (Contact us here or email us at

Think about shipping services beforehand. Consider how much each item might cost to ship and what services you’ll provide. Including free shipping for smaller items might be a good idea to streamline the process. If you’re selling especially large items, there are many services out there that you can use, such as (also an app) which provides shipping quotes in minutes. Again, you’re totally in control.


When your show opens at 9:00 am, you’ll begin posting photos of your booth to Instagram.

Please: DO NOT POST BEFORE 9:00 AM. It’s important the show open on time to recreate the “Brimfield rush.” Dealers who post images of their items prior to showtime may be removed from the @thebrimfieldshow account.

Start with two or three photos of your entire setup. Then, share photos of each object individually or in groups as you like throughout the day.

The text of each of your posts should ideally include:

  • Item description
  • Item condition
  • Item price
  • Shipping cost and details
    • Example: “Free shipping in the US on all purchases.”
  • Contact preference
    • Example: “Message me on Instagram but call me at 555-555-5555 for the fastest response.”
  • How to purchase
    • Example: “Comment ‘sold’ in the comments below and I’ll follow up with you later in the day.”
  • Explanation of what’s going on for your followers
    • Example: “I’m selling @thebrimfieldshow today and will be posting more than usual. Click here to shop all the great dealers: @thebrimfieldshow.”

This may seem like a lot of information, so you may want to copy and paste the basic details from one post to another.

Though we strongly recommend positing tems with prices and streamlining shipping options, you’re welcome to present your merchandise in whatever way works for you. Remember, however, that you may find yourself overwhelmed with inquiries from buyers when the show opens, so try to include as much information as you can in each post

As items sell, please clearly mark them “SOLD” in the description or comments as soon as possible so buyers are aware and won’t be frustrated in their inquiries.

Most dealers post in real-time during their show, but if you are an experienced Instagram user and tech-savvy, you may want consider an automatic Instagram post scheduler such as These services require your Instagram account to be a business account and come with a paid monthly fee. Given how complicated Instagram can seem to new users, we only recommend schedulers to experiences users.

Should I sign up?

Yes! @thebrimfieldshow has a big tent. We welcome clean-out estate dealers and high-end antique dealers alike, just like the real Brimfield. Whether you sell early American furniture or vintage t-shirts, we want you on board. @thebrimfieldshow will place you in a show among other great dealers with similar interests while keeping that mixed-up magic of Brimfield intact: at Brim, you never know what you’ll find or who you’ll buy it from.

However, we’re limiting @thebrimfieldshow to dealers selling only antiques and vintage items, with no reproductions, upcycled objects, or new merchandise included. Likewise, “yard sale” style booths with things less than thirty years old aren’t our bag either. And although Brimfield has some talented craft folks whom we love and admire, we’re just keeping it to vintage things here. @thebrimfieldshow believes out with the new, bring in the old.

Would you love to participate but don’t have the social media know-how yet? We can help you get started. Contact us here or email us at

Join us!

To sign up, please contact us by filling out the form at the link at the top of the page. If you don’t have an Instagram page yet or website, leave those fields blank. Thanks for your interest and we’ll be in touch soon!

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