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Yes! @thebrimfieldshow has a big tent. We welcome clean-out estate dealers and high-end antique dealers alike, just like the real Brimfield. Whether you sell early American furniture or vintage t-shirts, we want you on board. @thebrimfieldshow will place you in a show among other great dealers with similar interests while keeping that mixed-up magic of Brimfield intact: at Brim, you never know what you’ll find or who you’ll buy it from.

However, we’re limiting @thebrimfieldshow to dealers selling only antiques and vintage items, with no reproductions, upcycled objects, or new merchandise included. Likewise, “yard sale” style booths with things less than thirty years old aren’t our bag either. And although Brimfield has some talented craft folks whom we love and admire, we’re just keeping it to vintage things here. @thebrimfieldshow believes out with the new, bring in the old.

Would you love to participate but don’t have the social media know-how yet? We can help you get started. Contact us here or email us at

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To sign up, please contact us by filling out the form below. If you don’t have an Instagram page yet or website, leave those fields blank. Thanks for your interest and we’ll be in touch soon!