Andrew Spindler / Spindler Antiques / @andrewspindler_

Thank you … for your vision, your tireless work and high standards in organizing the virtual Brimfield show on Instagram. It was an unqualified success. The marketing was superb and the large numbers of people who followed the show and became customers was extraordinary.

— Andrew, exhibitor at @thebrimfieldshow

Want to grow your business and share your merchandise with the 28K+ followers of @thebrimfieldshow? 

Antique and vintage dealers, auction houses, designers, markets, and shows are all eligible to be featured on @thebrimfieldshow account. Contact us to learn more about becoming an exhibitor or read on to learn more.

Please note: We do not feature vendors selling reproductions, crafted, or upcycled items.

In addition to its powerful advertising potential, Instagram is a great place for antique and vintage dealers to sell merchandise without transaction fees. @thebrimfieldshow got its start helping sellers find buyers by pointing followers to our exhibitors.

Since @thebrimfieldshow began in April 2020, our Instagram exhibitors have grown along with us. In a single week, one featured antique dealer saw a gain of 400 followers. Another saw her follower count grow by 300%. Several started out with us with a handful of followers but now have thousands.

Susan Wechsler / South Road Art & Antiques /  @southroadantiques⁣⁣

“Your advertising and communication was superb! I heard from many people who reached me through your ads and posts. It was amazing to have such exposure. I heard from people every day leading up to the show (for the week before) and I’m still getting queries.”

— Susan, exhibitor at @thebrimfieldshow⁣⁣

But more than just followers, our exhibitors sell both through concentrated exposure and via sustained and ongoing engagement at @thebrimfieldshow. In just forty-eight hours, one antique dealer new to Instagram sold thirty pieces, all at high price points. Another sold 75% of the merchandise she offered for sale within just a few hours.

Below is a behind-the-scenes look at @thebrimfieldshow on Instagram for the second week of May 2021. During this time, one featured exhibitor gained 150 followers from just one post and story shared. But here’s Instagram’s reporting app to share the stats:

This graph represents our total reach for the second week of May 2021 (after a period of account inactivity). Our content (including posts and stories) was seen over 36,000 times by over 51,000 individuals.
These were our top performing posts the second week of May 2021. The numbers represent total impressions, i.e. the number of times each post was seen by an Instagram user. Note that photos picturing an arrangement of multiple items in real settings perform the best. Pictures including people (and dogs) also tend to perform well.
This chart captures the locations of individual followers of @thebrimfieldshow. We estimate perhaps 30% of the 28.6K following is based in the Northeast, but @thebrimfieldshow has a national reach.
Our targeted ads have been aimed at customers based in the U.S. and our follower makeup reflects these campaigns. American shoppers are more likely to buy compared to international customers given the lower cost of domestic shipping.
Remarkably, our 28.6K followers closely reflect U.S. age demographics. Older customers are slightly more concentrated, but @thebrimfieldshow reaches a much younger audience than perhaps any other antiques and vintage platform in the marketplace.
Our followers are primarily women, which is typical in retail, especially for antiques, vintage, and design.
We do not have access to stats related to socioeconomic data, such as zip codes and income, although @thebrimfieldshow is able to target engagement using these criteria. Based on dealer sales, however, @thebrimfieldshow reaches every level of buyer across all categories, but generally attracts more affluent shoppers (compared to Facebook, Instagram users tend to have higher incomes). High-end dealers featured on @thebrimfieldshow have recorded sales surpassing $10K from same-day engagement.
Surprisingly, the @thebrimfieldshow posts and stories maintain about the same levels of high engagement all week, with activity peaking at between in the early and mid-evening. The number above each bar represents the engagement of individual users at a given time.

Kate Hackman / Critical Eye / @criticaleyefinds

“I am not sure I have EVER participated in an event as thoughtfully, thoroughly, carefully, intelligently and resourcefully managed. … Promotion was excellent and multi-faceted, consistent, frequent, great looking. Combo of website, insta promo, posts, stories, etc — all super nicely done, and generated real excitement.”

– Kate, exhibitor at @thebrimfieldshow

Feel free to get in touch to learn more about joining the community of antique and vintage collectors and dealers at #thebrimfieldshow. Contact us to learn more.