We were devastated Brimfield didn’t open in 2020. It’s our favorite place on Earth. We hope in a small way @thebrimfieldshow brought both dealers and buyers together during this difficult time and will make the real Brimfield an even more popular destination when it reopens. Although nothing can compare to the Brim thrill-of-the-hunt, we wanted to create an opportunity to find, sell, and celebrate the antiques and vintage goods we love alongside the people who make the Brimfield shows the most wonderful time of the year.

@thebrimfieldshow is a project of Adam Irish and Emily Brandenburg of Chance & Patina, a creative agency bringing antique collectors and dealers together in new ways.

Emily Brandenburg has been an antique addict since the day she was born. Growing up in the rural Midwest as an antique dealer’s daughter, the antiques world became as much a part of her life as breathing. Fast forward to now, and she is actively using her skills as a web/graphic designer and social media manager with many antiques’ dealers, organizations and enthusiasts with her business, E.B. Design Agency. She was looking forward to spending her birthday at Spring Brimfield this year, and can’t wait until she can hit the local flea markets and shops again! In the meantime, she’s super excited to be a part of @thebrimfieldshow and hopes it can bring a thrill-of-the-hunt fix to everyone who will be mourning Brimfield!

Adam Irish has collected and dealt in antiques for over twenty-five years (making his first sale at the age of eight). He’s an ardent Brimfield fan and it’s his favorite time of the year. Passionate about antiques since he was a kid, Adam went to Middlebury College where he studied history with an interest in American material culture. In 2012, he opened his store, Old as Adam, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. As a New Hampshire dealer, he was invited to join the New Hampshire Antiques Show and serve as Board Director with the NHADA. In September 2019, Adam moved to Providence, Rhode Island, where he opened a new shop at 125 Benefit Street on College Hill. You can find him and his wares at antique shows throughout the Northeast as well as on his website, oldasadam.com. If you’re a Brimfield dealer, remember Adam is an easy mark for great American folk art, antique games, and Aesthetic Movement design. Find him on Instagram @oldasadam.